How much CBD should I take?

Please note that CBD is measured & valued by the mg (not by the amount of mass or volume in the container). How many mg you need per dosage is discretionary.

How much CBD Oil do I need?  How many mg? When should I take it?

* This is different for each individual, can very greatly depending on current health condition, age, the presence of &/or duration of illness, disease, & your desired result.

* CBD should be taken daily NOT just under duress.  It is meant to be a daily supplement that works to bring & maintain your body & mind into a state of optimal health & homeostasis.

* It is generally recommended to start on the low end of the spectrum for your specific need & increase the dosage incrementally until desired results are achieved/ you reach a “Sweet Spot”. This can be any number of mg. Someone who needs 50mg will not experience their desired result at 20mg.

* If you have a high level of pain, high levels of inflammation, or severe condition ex: severe dermatitis, cancer, HIV, etc. our minimum suggested dosage is 50mg per serving but ideally 1mg per pound of body weight (150lb. = 150mg per serving).

* You can NOT overdose on CBD, it is NOT addictive, & it will NOT make you high.

* Dosage frequency & time of day are discretionary. We strongly suggest starting your CBD regiment before bed. Our brain & bodies cycle through a healing process while we sleep & it is beneficial to have the cannabinoids available to your Endocannabinoid System’s CB1 & CB2 receptors during this process. While we sleep, there is generally no input or output of food or beverages so this allows the CBD to absorb into the system as concentrated as possible.

* Even at the same dosage, different products/ delivery methods can affect you differently & produce different results. You should know how a particular product & dosage affects you before taking it during the day. The majority of people prefer to take their CBD at night, however, some prefer to take it in the morning or a “maintenance dosage” during the day. You may even decide 2 or 3 doses throughout the course of the day works best for you.  Listen to your body, how you feel, & do what is best to meet your needs.

* We suggest keeping a record of how many mg you take per serving, dosage administration time(s), & a note on how you are feeling, what you notice in your body, pain levels, etc.

General Dosing Guide Example:

(You may need one of these mg or any amount in between)

For a child or small animal, you may want to start with 5mg & increase dosage incrementally until desired results are achieved.

10 - 25mg = Normal healthy person supplementing the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) with cannabinoids, Maintenance dosage, Minor conditions; mental, emotional, physical ailments, etc.

25 - 50mg = Moderate conditions; anti-aging maintenance, general aches & pains, inflammation, depression, stress, anger issues, PTSD, etc.

50mg - 100mg = Major conditions; cancer, wound healing/ repair, intense pain, advanced disease, etc.



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