A CBD Journey & What Clients Think

I was asked to share some thoughts on CBD & Pain Relief. Allow me to state the obvious, “We are all in pain of some sort.” There are so many different types of pain (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc). I have come to realize that every individual’s pain & condition causing it is unique.

I first encountered CBD (Cannabidiol) in early 2015. I had a small dog (he was my world) who had developed a very aggressive form of brain & nasal cancer. After six veterinary specialist in four states (all but one made him worse), I began searching for holistic approaches to give him the best quality of life I could for the time he had left. CBD was one of the only things that yielded not only positive but also profound results to ease his pain as well as slow the spread of the tumors. This gave me an additional two months of precious time with my beloved pet. RIP my angel boy, my Rembrant.

I was reintroduced to CBD in 2016 while searching for something to meet the needs of my clients & incorporate into my business. It was truly divine timing as I was detoxing off Adderall (a highly addictive amphetamine, pharmaceutical drug, & controlled substance). I found that a high mg dosage of CBD (taken daily) facilitated that transition well with minimal suffering from the typical withdraws. It was then I began to realize the amazing potential of this all natural substance. I have not been on any prescription drugs of any kind since starting the CBD (about two & a half years ago). After over fifteen years on many different prescriptions, there are no words for me to convey what a miracle this was for me.

Once ingested, CBD goes to work in the ways you need it most. Thanks to our body’s Endocannabinoid System, we have physical receptor sites located in our brains & bodies that CBD (and other cannabinoids) bind to. Unlike many Rx drugs, CBD does not simply trick your brain into believing there is no pain while the inflammation &/or underlying problem feasters. CBD (as well as other cannabinoids) actually go to work on the problem to bring the body back to optimal homeostasis as quickly & efficiently as possibly. The powerfully positive results of CBD are now backed by science & have been proven to be beneficial for over 400 different conditions.

A couple of clients have been so kind to share their personal CBD stories…….

“My wife, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and depression, since taking the CBD oil, has little pain and anxiety now. My father with Alzheimers is much less anxious and agitated. My mother with rheumatoid arthritis has less pain and more flexibility. I have the CBD drink mix in my coffee every morning, and at 61, feel better, sharper, than I have in years. Give these products a try for you will not be disappointed!” ~ David L.

“Gravity is a place of health and integrity, not a tobacco shop, not a novelty shop selling homeopathy. Second, Ali is a nurturer. Talk to her long enough and you'll see it's her calling. She is all about your well-being, your functionality, your non-habit-forming pain relief, AND your satisfaction as a client.

I have multiple sclerosis. Onset age 39, now 53 in a wheelchair. I'm under an excellent doctor's care. I am fortunate to get cutting edge medical treatment. I (we) live better with m.s. than any generation. At my age, even a decade ago, I would have been housebound, bed ridden, looking at a truncated life span.

But even after the best available treatment, there are many symptoms to live with - the reason I sought out Gravity CBD. Foremost, muscle spasms. Like, RLS times five. Like, a horse kicking out a stall, and of course it starts as soon as I go to bed. It feels like someone has electrodes on my lower back which shock me down my legs to my feet. From my mid-torso down, my muscles stay flexed and balled up all my waking hours. My own body does this to me. And then there's the crazy fatigue, and the “TMI” dysfunctions…

As of this date in history there is NO CURE. It's a real, organic, chronic disease, and the best minds in science ARE working the problem. It didn't happen because I ate Ring Dings and didn't eat kale. It's not from vaccinations or 1970s tooth fillings. There's no one hiding The Cure in a vault somewhere.

But in the meantime, adding CBD oil to my Rx Baclofen has ALMOST TOTALLY ELIMINATED THE SPASMS, the muscles tensing, AND UNEXPECTEDLY has improved my waking energy, my ability to sleep and wake up, my urinary function, and I have gotten back my ability to stand up for minutes at a time which has eluded me for the last 2 years.

ALI SAID I WOULD FEEL CHANGES/RESULTS IN 10-12 DAYS OF STARTING IT. ON THE 11TH DAY I KID YOU NOT, I had the ability to lay down and rest without feeling that someone was sticking pins in my voodoo doll.

In a patient's odyssey to find REAL information and help, we have to machete our way through a jungle of snake oil salesmen and conspiracy theorists. Do your due diligence. Do not look for answers from celebrities, t.v. “doctors” or WebMD. DO look to Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, get 3rd & 4th opinions, and seek out legit people like Ali Mangum. ~ Cori S.

“CBD from the Gravity Oxygen Bar has helped me tremendously with PTSD. As a combat veteran, I’ve had high anxiety and depression through most of my life, but CBD has changed my life completely. I’m able to be calm and collective through my thought process and don’t get panic attacks anymore. CBD has also been beneficial to me physically as well. I stay more focused with my workouts at the gym and have hit a quite a few PR’s from not allowing my thoughts to wonder. CBD is a life saver. Get yours today!” ~ Josh O.

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